Celebrity Santorini Wedding Package – Civil Wedding

Celebrity Santorini Wedding Package
Celebrity Santorini Wedding Package

Celebrity Santorini Wedding Package – Civil Wedding

-Meeting upon arrival.

-Full support, assistance, and advice with the legal requirements and the legal documentation needed for a legal wedding.​ Translation of the documents is not included as not all nationalities need this service. Please note that all the documents need to come from your country and will be kept by the registry office here. Therefore, you can bring us certified copies.

-Fees of the celebrant​.

-Fees of the registrant​.

-Fees for the marriage application​.

-Fees for the marriage certificate​​.

-Fees for booking your wedding date​.

-Transportation with a BMW or equivalent of the bride from the hotel, to the venue and back if the return is within an hour (complimentary)​.

-Witnesses (complimentary)​.

-Champagne for the couple, one bottle (complimentary)​.

-Recorded music for the ceremony. It can be the music you prefer if you provide us with a USB stick. This option is not offered if you will get married at your hotel. (complimentary)​.

-A representative from our office for the actual ceremony.​

-A representative from our office for the registration of your wedding. After your wedding that is needed to go to the registry office and register your wedding, we will escort you and go step by step with you the whole procedure so you will not get lost to the bureaucracy. If you are a cruise ship traveler or if you wish to leave the same day, we can register the wedding on your behalf and all is needed is an extra document to make it happen.​

-Photographer for before, during and after the ceremony till you depart the wedding venue. We do not keep copyrights, you will get ALL your photos in high resolution. You will receive over 150 edited photos, it depends on how much you love the camera! Duration 1 hour.​

-Videographer for the ceremony. We do not keep copyrights, you will get your edited video. Duration of the video 15 minutes minimum depending on the duration of your event. Presence of the videographer 1 hour.​

-Basic wedding cake for the couple (complimentary)

Total cost: 1600 euro

Important Notes:

-This package doesn’t offer translation of your documents as not all nationalities require this service. If you need information on the translations part, please contact me

-Complimentary means free of charge. Therefore, it can’t be deducted from the package.

Please do not hesitate to email me for more information on the Santorini wedding package at annasantorini@gmail.com and you can always visit our official website https://www.santoriniweddings.com